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Getting A Fresh Start: Tax Debt

Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 in Financial Advice |

Owing the IRS has become slightly less painful since they loosened the rules for people who are struggling to pay their IRS tax debts. The goal is to make it easier for individuals and small businesses to pay back taxes and to avoid IRS tax liens. The IRS’ new rules are part of its ‘Fresh Start’ programme now available. If you qualify, the Fresh Start can help you with IRS tax forgiveness, a reduction in IRS tax penalties and a reduction in the amount of paperwork you need to provide the IRS. The most important part of this new programme apply to IRS instalment agreements and the Offer in Compromise programme.

An instalment agreement gives taxpayers who owe the IRS and are unable to immediately pay, the option of paying over time. The Fresh Start programme has made it easier for taxpayers to qualify for a streamlined instalment agreement. In order to qualify you must set up a monthly direct debit payment and have your tax returns filed up to date. Companies such as can give you advice on how to set up a payment plan and guide you through the paperwork required to set up instalment agreements with the IRS. If you owe fifty thousand dollars or less you can qualify for a streamlined instalment agreement. Under the old rules, you could not owe more than twenty five thousand dollars. The main advantages are that you pay less in penalties, interest continues to accrue on the debt but the late pay penalty is greatly reduced. You don’t have to submit your full financial information to the IRS in order to qualify and you have six years instead of five to repay your tax debt.

If you owe more than fifty thousand dollars in tax debt you are required to submit an IRS collection information statement. You can also pay down your debt to fifty thousand dollars so you qualify for the streamlined instalment agreement. The Offer in Compromise programme is one that allows you to settle your tax debt for less than you owe if you can prove to the IRS that you cannot afford to pay back the debt. The Fresh Start has relaxed the rules for qualifying for an Offer in Compromise which has expanded the number of taxpayers who are eligible to qualify. The IRS will now look at two years of future income for most Offers in Compromise instead of calculating projected future income over the entire time remaining to collect on the tax debt, which could have been as long as ten years. You can now have the monthly payment you make on your federal student loans counted as part of your monthly allowable living expenses, as long as you can supply proof you are making the payment. Your monthly payment to pay delinquent state or local taxes may now also be recognised as an allowable living expense.

Recruitment Agencies: The Benefits.

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When you are looking for a job, the first thing you do is head for the internet. In this day and age everyone who is anyone uses the internet to advertise positions, whether that is on large job boards such as Indeed or Monster or personally on their own company website. Either way, internet advertising has exploded across our screens. Newspaper advertising, while still occurring, is no longer as popular since newspapers now have apps and printing is actually on the decline. Large companies now like to outsource their recruitment to agencies as then they can save money on their recruitment budget.

Staffing agencies such as perform selection processes for companies that don’t have the time, resources or money to manage the employment processes. Schools are the biggest outsourcer to agencies as the process for recruitment is a lot more complicated for teachers. For people looking for temporary or permanent positions, using an agency is the best thing to do because the money that it takes to sort out DBS checks and filter through CVs and sort interview days can actually cost far more if the companies do it themselves. Using a recruitment agency like can result in a lower cost in hiring adequate staff to recruit applicants. Cutting out the middle man allows a company to get on with their jobs while an agency deals with the recruitment.


Staffing agencies have a larger network of available workers ready and waiting to work and this can save a lot of costs with advertising for a position. The relationships already built between the staffing agency and the workers they have already identified as dependable and reliable can fill a vacancy in a matter of days. Employers that use the services of recruitment agencies like for temporary employees get the chance to observe worker performance, qualifications and habits at work before offering something more permanent on their books. This can cut down on turnover once a trial period is over and both employee and employer are satisfied a job is a good fit.

It is also worth mentioning that temporary jobs via an agency aren’t just a way for an employer to get to know an employee, but for the employee to experience the work environment and decide if it is the right fit for them. A lot of people forget that when someone goes for a new job, they are interviewing their potential workplace as well. An interview process is as much for the worker as it is for the company looking for employees and there should be a good balance for the employee as well as the employer.

The biggest benefit of using a recruitment agency for temporary work especially means that you are able to have a variety of roles right at your fingertips when you need a chance. If you are looking at temp work especially it definitely gives you that chance to experience many job sectors without the commitment.




Guide to Document Management Solutions

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Paperwork is usually managed by an office manager or a team of administrators in an office and filing cabinets are generally a huge domain. Other than paper systems there are two types of document management system: self-hosted document management and cloud-hosted document management systems. Both of these are computer based and can be scanned in from paper filing. In this guide we’ve put together pros and cons of each of the systems that are available to you as a business. Choosing the type of system you use for your document storage can be a little bit of a headache but businesses such as are there to assist you with these little headaches and guide you through your changing from paper to online. It doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect but it is a smart one to go ahead and grow your business into the technological age.


Cloud-Hosted Document Management Systems:

  • All of your new cloud software is hosted by an external provider and can be accessed online whenever you choose to log in. Everyone in the office can log in to the system from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet via either 3G or wifi connections. You usually would pay a monthly fee for each user and those costs range depending on features you use and the amount of storage you require for your business.


Self-Hosted Document Management Systems:

  • All of the software is stored inside your business on your company servers and self-hosted systems allow you to store as many documents and files as your server will allow. The software comes with a one-time cost that’s usually based on the number of users. It can cost several thousand pounds for a self-hosted system as there are licence fees to consider

The biggest benefit of a self-hosted documents management system is that you are always the one in control and not relying on anyone else to keep it up and running. Companies like  can advise on which system is best for your company and can also advise you on what the advantages are for self-hosting or cloud hosting. The downside to hosting yourself comes in the quite large costs up front, as well as the extra yearly expense of having to pay for software updating. It also means it’s up to you to have a proper system in place to back up your documents as there’s no auto-saving.

These systems are actually available from anywhere that has online access so if you are a business owner you can tap into your work system from anywhere in the world. Being on business or travelling internationally for business gives you the cloud-system advantage as you can tap into it anytime. The downside? You are at the mercy of the provider to keep it up and running yourself and if there is ever a problem with the data centre (as in, electricity failure/fire or flood) you can be prevented from accessing your files. If the internet connection fails you also won’t be able to access your files!


The Difference Between Guardianship Attorneys and Power of Attorney

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Financial Advice |

Hiring attorney means that something serious should be done. There might be some papers to work on legally or a family feud that needs to work on. You also hire an attorney when your elders request for someone who can make your last will and the other assets that also comes with it.  These attorneys are the professional people who can fix these things for you and your family.

You can always look for attorneys who can take care of special requests and that the most in demand are the guardianship attorney and power of attorney. You can check on more information about the guardianship attorneys and power of attorneys. These 2 are very different in all kinds and that you should know what these are.

Power of Attorney

This is the attorney whom you should hire if in the future you become incapacitated to do the things. These powers of attorney are there already to discuss the things with you and the things you should be doing when the time comes when you no longer can take care of those important things. With regards to documents, this power of attorney is the kind of document or paper that will not follow any exact form, though some states require a notarization. This gives power of attorney to make some decisions for you like health and medical. While filing in court, you do not need to have power of attorney to bring in court and the court will not be able to know that or request for that. You just have to give a copy to the person the one whom you want to take over and grant power to act in your behalf. Power of attorney can be limited ort general and this allows a person to do these things that are only appointed by you.  Power of Attorney is not recognized by all kinds of institutions unlike the guardianship attorneys do. You can check the difference of these 2.

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Guardianship Attorney

You have to hire guardianship attorneys because you are already incapacitated. You can no longer work physically and mentally as there are already decisions that affect your thinking. You cannot hire guardianship attorneys for the future. You hire guardianship attorneys when you are already incapacitated. These guardianship attorneys do their works but the judge is the one that appoints them. The documents are issued by the court. The guardianship attorney duties begin when someone files in court when someone can no longer work physically and mentally and the need of guardianship attorney are a need already.  The court will know about this through the medical specialist to know that these are all true. The guardian must seek for all the required documents and papers requested by the court and update to their assets and finance and this are done once a year.  Usually the court orders only on guardianship attorney and that these guardianship attorneys should be the one to take care of your personal finances as well.

If you are planning to hire guardianship attorneys then make sure they are the best one that can handle your case. You can check  http:/ more information.

Facts about Criminal Laws and Immigration in the UK

Posted by on May 22, 2016 in Business |

You might know all the existing laws in the United Kingdom or in Europe about the present criminal laws in and some immigration facts. However, do you happen to know non- existing laws in the United Kingdom or Europe or some kind of weird existing laws especially if you are a non citizen or a foreigner in the country? Then here are a few for you to know.

  • To top off this list, there is actually a law existing in the United Kingdom for salmons which is the Act of Salmon in 1986. The law states that it is illegal for somebody to attain or acquire salmon under suspicious situations or if you are someone carrying salmon in suspicious situations and if you are charged guilty, you will be filed a case under this law. So if you are ever caught under these circumstances then go right ahead and ask some legal assistance at
  • Also, one of the facts about most people who are living in London is that they are actually not born in the United Kingdom. There in totality they can speak more than 300 different languages. Now in relation to immigration, if you know someone who is in need for professional help with immigration cases just visit
  • Another law in the country is that all pregnant women can relieve themselves in any place they want to, even in public. There’s no exemption for it.
  • In the nineteenth century, there was a law existed that women are prohibited to consume chocolate stuffs on a public transit but it is non-existent these days.
  • Also, another law that existed long ago is that it was illegal for people or especially drunk people to sing any indecent song or lyrics of a song that contained profanity and obscenity and this was in the Act of the Metropolitan Police in 1839.
  • Now in relation to criminal cases related in some way to robbery and burglary, if you have a burglar alarm set up in your house and it was activated but there was nobody home, it is illegal in the sense that it can cause for public nuisances. However the charge could actually be invalid if you have a key holder which has a tag in order to shut off the alarm. For foreigners, this could be weird since what if it will be the burglar or trespasser himself that will shut off your burglar alarm?
  • Also, another fact is that most parking violations or fines occurring in Britain are actually from Saudi diplomats.
  • Now in many countries, there is that game ding dong ditch, and though it looked like a harmless game, but that is actually illegal in the United Kingdom under the law in 1839.

Career 101: Lawyer

Posted by on May 22, 2016 in Business |

Are you interested with different cases you see in the Television? Are you interested about the law, rules, and some regulations? If yes, then probably you should be a lawyer.

Lawyers represent their clients in various fields. For instance, you can be a personal injury lawyer and represent your client who had an accident. Or you could be represent a divorcee who wants to spend time with his child. You could also represent a company who has been sued for illegal dismissal by a previous employee.


If these things interest you, then you should plan on how to be a lawyer.


First, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. Well, this means that you have to be in college for at least four years and must be a graduate of that certain field. It is also necessary to have some law units so that proceeding to law school could be easier. If you want to be in law school, then you must try harder and have good grades.


Second, you must take an entrance test in your chosen law school. Most of their tests are patterned similarly to the bar examination. The reason for this is because the school wants to test your analytic skills and also your verbal reasoning.


Third, then after passing the entrance examination, you are good to enroll in your chosen law school. It is best to choose a good law school because in the future, law firms choose graduates who come from prestigious law schools. You may want to have an internship from different law firms so that you may be oriented with what does a lawyer really do and you can also be familiar with the things going around within the law firm.


Fourth, after graduating from law school you need to pass the board examination. The questions that come out are purely application on what you are going to do when you become a lawyer. You can enroll at a review center so that you can have more time to review all the things you have learned from law school and you must do your part part by studying really hard. Once you have passed the bar exam then you are already a full pledged lawyer.


The last step is optional. You can be a law doctor if you wish. This entails another few years of studying but will of course increase your educational level.


It is very important to gain experience afterwards. You can either apply in different law firms or you can even start out your own law firm. For starters, applying into a prestigious law firm will help you gain a lot of experience just like Another important thing to do is you should know as to which field of law you want to focus into.


In summary, if you want to be a lawyer someday, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, enter in law school, and soon take and pass the bar examination. Then you can gain experience by applying to a law firm like

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